Introducing Joe Kashurba

Introducing Joe Kashurba

The Agency Accelerator Program, launched in 2016, was designed specifically to help digital agency owners grow their businesses. The program’s designer, Joe Kashurba, may be young, but he already has a track record of success when it comes to developing small business ventures and turning them into thriving, fully functional digital agencies. Read on to find out about this young entrepreneur and his revolutionary program below.

The Early Years

Kashurba got an exceptionally early start in the business world, starting his own freelance web design business while he was still in high school. His early years as an entrepreneur were characterized by learning and growing through trial and error, which placed him in a unique position to fully understand all of the challenges faced by designers and digital agency owners. Having learned firsthand how difficult it is to grow and scale a digital agency, he has since shifted his focus onto helping other entrepreneurs thrive.

Education and Experience

After high school, Kashurba graduated with honors from the University of Pittsburgh, receiving a degree in Information Science. He then went on to spend more than a decade acquiring personal experience in the fields of digital marketing and web design and has since built and sold hundreds of high-end websites. His education and dedicated experience put him in a unique position to understand what it takes for other entrepreneurs to find success in their fields.

The Program

Kashurba’s recently launched program offers web designers and agency owners firsthand help with growing their businesses. With the right tools and mindset, Kashurba insists, it’s possible for any digital agency owner to grow his or her company and begin finding clients across the globe who can benefit from their services. The Agency Accelerator Program allows these business owners to work one-on-one with a team member who will help set up an initial strategy and assist agency owners with any problems that might come up along the way.

Learn More Today

Interested in learning more about the Agency Accelerator Program, its past two years of success, or the young entrepreneur responsible for getting it off the ground? Anyone who wants to find more information about Joe Kashurba can read his bio here or check out the program’s website for additional information.

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